Press Release

New Tattoo Records
Press Release
For Immediate Release: August 10, 2016

Contact:      Amy Hailstone
Phone:        217-825-5235

                         Sleepy Dogs and Vintage Guitars!  

The Sleepy Dogs Sessions, the new EP by Singer, Songwriter and producer
Amy Hailstone, to be released September 9, 2016.  

The Sleepy Dogs Sessions was recorded in Amy’s own Sleepy Dogs Studio where her 3 poodles love to hang out and sleep no matter how loud the music might get! Hailstone’s love of poodles and guitars is apparent in her little studio. A cozy space with a bright pink rug, but where a labor of love, fun, joy, frustration, and satisfaction was created. Hailstone served on every aspect of the project from producer, engineer, and mixer- to vocals, guitars, keys and percussion.

The 5 song set takes off with an old school R&B feel with dreamy background vocals, (Waiting for You), then to a fun story from a long time ago (Diego), a snarky take on people who are only wrapped up in their image and the outcome of that image (Hey Superstar), the universally felt sentiments of (Heavy Lifting) and closes with the melancholy, (Don’t like to Sleep).  

Amy has partnered with Pledge Music and currently has a pre-order campaign for the upcoming release.

Twitter and Instagram:  @amyhailstone


Amy Hailstone