Sixth-generation musician, Amy Hailstone, is a singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist.  Amy's new self-produced EP, 1,000 Times, represents the culmination of a 10-year musical, spiritual, and personal journey.  She wrote and recorded all the songs on the EP, and played all of the instruments.  A perpetual seeker and student, Amy has been fiercely dedicated to the her craft and her path as an artist.  

Amy delivers intensely personal songs that have a propensity to stick in the ear, and that her listeners can identify with on many levels.  Blessed with a big vocal range, this powerhouse rock singer is also clearly influenced by pop, soul, and blues.  Her musical influences include Daryl Hall, Aretha Franklin, The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Eva Cassidy, and Counting Crows; Amy's music is a culmination of a lifelong love affair with rock and pop music, guitars, and a driving backbeat.  

1,000 Times is Amy's 3rd studio release.  Earlier albums include her self-titled debut, and Refuge, both released on her own New Tattoo Records.  Amy has also had her original songs placed on the ABC Family Channel and in Independent Film.  

Besides her music, Amy also enjoys painting, Broadway shows, espresso, weight lifting, vintage guitars, and sudoku.  Perseverance, personal growth, and the pursuit of excellence are cornerstones of this musicians personality and life -- not to mention, the ability to see the humor in everything.

Amy lives with her husband and 3 poodles in Nashville TN.