Southern Illinois native and longtime Nashville resident, Amy Hailstone grew up with a dad who played in a popular local rock band, and she was surrounded by pop and rock and soul music at all times. Whether it was classic American rock, soul, pop, blues, British rock—all were welcomed and consumed with pure joy and excitement, and of course all of these influences show up in Amy’s music. Music that has definite rock tendencies, pop sensibilities, and is a bit soul-tinged! Amy’s earnest songwritng has plenty of hooks, grooves, rhythmic ear candy, and accessible subject matter.  

Blessed with a big vocal range, this powerhouse singer is clearly capable of singing anything, but as she’s grown as an artist, her goal has become singular: “To honestly tell a story with a song, completely vulnerable and exposed.” This has been this artist’s goal from the start and continues to be the what she strives for at every performance and on every recording.

The 4th studio release from Amy Hailstone, The Sleepy Dogs Sessions, incorporates all of her greatest loves; playing and writing songs, producing and recording songs, being surrounded by lots of beautiful old and new guitars, and of course her dogs. “I cannot walk into the studio without at least two of them following me. They go straight to their bed and fall asleep, no matter what is going on in the studio. It’s hilarious and I love it.”  

Hence the name of her studio, and her new EP. Amy provides all of the vocals, guitars, keys, and percussion on The Sleepy Dogs Sessions. And now this singer, songwriter, and guitarist, has recently added producer, recording engineer, and mixer to her skill set. After showing an interest in recording her own music five years ago, her husband presented her with a copy of Pro Tools and a small studio set up. Since then recording has become a frenzied, all-consuming passion. Amy has gained skills quickly, and her little studio has grown quite a bit, with more growth planned in the future!